Wednesday, January 16, 2019
    Master Blaster     

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Our New Master Launcher is the best tool to market your product at any event. You can use them during a pre-game, half time event or Whenever there's a break in the action. Let the Master Blaster grab the attention of fans. Research has shown that a cannon is a very effective marketing tool for use in crowds. Effective marketing is an opportunity revenue from using custom made covers and styles that best represent your sponsor, icon, mascot or product.

The Master Blaster is one of the most innovative marketing tool that a promotions team can have at their events. We can shot out almost any promotional item you can think of if it fits in the tube it is flying into the crowd. Exp T-Shirt, Beanie babies, Stuffed toys, Hotdogs, Submarines sandwickes, Streamers, confetti, & many promotional items.

We can also go out to your school functions, Birthday parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, wedding celebrations, Concerts, grand openings & inaugurations.

Party Sparks, Inc. is the main distributor for the Master Blaster Launcher in the State of Florida.

Give us a call for more details on hiring us to promote your company at any event. Custom made covers can be tailored to your company logo or symbol.

Contact us for pricing at anytime at (305) 378-8205 or via email at

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